Common Yahoo Mail Errors & How to Correct Them| Karma Desk

Yahoo! is a widely used email in the world. There are more than 10 Crore professionals on Yahoo! each day worldwide. Most professionals use Yahoo!, one of the top 10 search engines, by signing up on Yahoo! mail for personalized information and to control their data distribution. Yahoo! mail is a popular email worldwide.

Yahoo! mail users, like any other email service users, face some errors from time to time. These errors are usually a result of excessive collected cache in the mail or certain bugs in the updates. Below mentioned is a list of few  of the most common errors, their immediate fixes and Yahoo mail customer support number and other details.

List of some of the common errors:

  1. Error code 14: Server error
  2. Error code 15: Configuration error
  3. Error code 19: Third party server/ program error
  4. Error code 550: Simple mail transfer protocol error
  5. Error code 554: Simple mail transfer protocol error
  6. Error code 999: Request process interval error

Resolution for these issues:

When these errors occur, it is best to stay calm and try these methods. Most of these errors can be resolved by applying same methods.

  • Log out of Yahoo! mail and log back in.
  • Give it 30 minutes to auto resolve.
  • Clear the cache build up from the browser history.
  • Avoid using third party servers to log- in as it strengthens the bugs to show errors.
  • It may be possible that IP address in use might be blocked.
  • Call Yahoo support number to address any issue coming.

There might be some unrelated reasons for these errors to occur. It is best to reach Yahoo customer support number as soon as possible. Some of these errors occur due to lack of Java script integration or configuration issues. It can complicated to get into the exacts of the error to fix. Some of these errors are harmless usually, but a few such as error 550 can cause permanent damage to the mailbox.

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